Question PC Performing weirdly

Jun 21, 2019
Hey guys, i've been having a number of issues with my PC for quite a while and everything i've done so far hasn't really helped so i decided to come here since it's the most advanced place i've heard of.

So, starting, i've recently formatted my computer, after doing that, a lot of weird things have happened. I feel like nothing is running as fast, the softwares open faster and everything responds faster but windows animations for example are choppy and laggy when i first run them and then become smooth, same thing for browser stuff. Also when i'm scrolling on the browser it feels like it's stuttering, like micro-freezes for a split second for a couple times, and i don't think this happened before.

I also think that in games it has micro-stutters, i'm walking and suddenly it stutters for a split second before coming back to a stable frame-rate. I don't have many games here installed but i was able to replicate this in Doom 2016, Mass Effect and Elite: Dangerous.

Speaking of games, this is an issue i've been having for half an year now and no one has been able to tell why. Sometimes when i start a game, my connection fails, it gives me a DNS-related error, the ping test gives me a "timed out" error until i re-connect the wi-fi adapter or close the game. This also happens when i plug in a peripheral such as an external hard drive, however that is not always the case.

My biggest fear is that my components are failing, they were quite expensive and i can't replace them. Do they fail easily? is there anything i can do to check if they are failing?

I'm writing this in a rush so if there's anything confusing please tell me so i can explain it better.
Any help is appreciated!

@EDIT: i've formatted about 2 weeks ago. I have not updated any driver except for the graphic cards driver. I didn't touch any driver related to the motherboard or CPU or anything besides the GPU

My specs are:
I5-7400 @3.0GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
H110M-S2V GIGABYTE Motherboard
Windows 10 Pro 64bits


You can start by making sure you're on the latest BIOS update for the motherboard. Then you want to check and see which version of Windows 10 you've got on your system. If it's prior to 1903 or you feel like the system ended up being bogged down after an update, backup all critical content from C drive and reinstall the OS after (re)creating the bootable installer with Windows Media Creation Tools.

Mind sharing the exact make and model for the 16GB's of ram o the system?