Question PC performing worse than old computer

Apr 25, 2022
Recently finished building my first PC however the performace is very bad compared to my old computer even though the specs are much better

New PC :
motherboard : Asus PRIME-B660M-K-D4
CPU : intel i7 12700
GPU : GTX 1070 8Gb
RAM: 2*16 Gb 3600 MHz
PSU : Corsair CX750 RGB

Storage : Samsung 980 evo 1TB, WD blue 1TB HDD , Adata SU650 120 Gb SSD

OS is windows 11 and is a clean insatll on my samsung 980 evo

All drivers have been installed from Asus website and the motherboard is using the latest bios version. XMP has also been enabled

When gaming i have a very poor performace compared to my old computer on my old computer i could run most games at 100 fps + but now in games such as elden ring i can barely get past 30. When running elden ring GPU usage is 97 % and cpu is 32 % , when running Monster Hunter GPU is 99% and CPU is 25%. Im getting around 30 fps in both games

I have checked my 980 evo using samsung magician, and checked RAM condition with memtest86

I have also verified windows has been installed properly with no errors.

I have set my computers performance to high and set CPU maximum to 100% in additional settings however using userbenchmark is says i am bottlenecked at 94%

Ive done and check everything i know how to, what is the likely hood of one of my components being faulty such as my motherboard ?

I also use a PCI extender since my GPU is mounted sideways, is there a chance the extender is faulty ?

please let me know your thoughts as I am not sure where to go from here
Apr 25, 2022
Remove that PCI-E riser cable and plug directly into motherboard.

Make sure you check the power plan and set it default 100%

What cooler are you using? What are your temps while gaming?

Power plan default is set to 100% so not sure why it says it is bottlenecking there

Im using a corsair H170i elite - definetly overkill

My GPU temp is arount 70 C
and CPU is 35 C

will try plug GPU into motherboard now and let you know