Question Pc/phone won’t connect to fios WiFi.

May 17, 2019
So, before all of this we had old Verizon technology that kept shutting off so we got new tech. When we got new tech, My pc and phone and iPad worked fine with the network for like months (I rarely use WiFi on my phone). Then I had a problem this Sunday where my pc wouldn’t connect to the WiFi and turns out that was my USB adapter. Now, with my new pcie card with newest drivers worked fine til today where it would connect to the WiFi and say no internet. It connects fine to other WiFi’s but not my WiFi and WiFi extender one which is using the WiFi I’m having troubles on. I also realized that my phone is having the same problem. Please help. iPad still is connected to the WiFi as I am typing this on it.
iPad mini 4
Brand new pc (T.P link Ac1300 or T6E is the card name)
Fios router
Ethernet works fine if I am correct, and channels have no problem.