[SOLVED] PC POSTS but slow fans, 1 long and 4 short beeps ?


Jul 19, 2017
Hi all,

Just built myself a new pc this morning and I’m having an issue I’ve never encountered before. I booted my pc and it booted right to the bios but a few strange things are happening.

To start the fans don’t ramp up on start and actually stay extremely quiet on start (it’s almost like the computer didn’t even turn on at all). My CPU temps sit at around 40 degrees on idle just sitting on the bios and the fans are obviously running very slowly. I boot and often times the LED on the fans won’t turn on but the fans are running.

The next problem is that I get a very interesting beep code. It gives me 1 long beep and 4 very short beeps and then it boots right to the bios. I consulted the Asus motherboard manual and it suggests hardware failure but I boot right to bios after that.

The next problem is my damn hard drive won’t turn on at all. I tried several different SATA cables and they still don’t fix the problem. The hard drive works as I just tested it on another system so I have no clue why that is.

I’ve tested every other component so far so my guess is that something is wrong with the power supply.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is here?

Thanks for any help

Ryzen 7 5800x
32gb 3600 MHz Corsair vengeance
4tb WD internal drive
EVGA 3080 XC3
EVGA 850w GA psu