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Question Pc power cycles with hard drive sata connected

Aug 27, 2019
Hey. So recently, I wanted to upgrade some parts of my pc so that I could sell it to a friend. I switched out the processor, ram, and hard drive. When I finished installing everything, the pc would start power/boot cycling, showing an asus splash screen for a couple seconds, then, it just resets, and repeat. I unplugged the hard drive, and it booted successfully. Then I plugged it back in when the computer was on and it recognized it, so I formatted it and everything. I restarted my computer, and I had the same power cycle problem. I messed around with some bios boot settings, but nothing. It still turns on if I unplug the hard drive. This is getting really annoying as I want to sell it ASAP. Can anyone help me?
Ps. I also plugged in my older hard drive and the exact same thing happened

Ryzen 7 3700x
Asus b450-f strix mobo
Intel 760p m.2 ssd
Seagate 2tb 7200 hdd (both)
Rtx 2060 MSI ventus
Seasonic 620w m2Ll
Windows 10