Question pc power supply connectors


Sep 24, 2014
Right now i just started to learn the basics of pc hardware.

i have some doubts if any can clear it then it is more helpful for me

its all about pc power supply

1.In a single phase connection voltage is our country it is about 230v.

it provide max 40 Ampere.

there are 2 types of socket.

5 amp and 15 amp socket

Device that connect to a 5amp socket maximum draw cant use more than 5 amp.

am i right?

2.I use 800 watt powersupply in my pc.




i=800/230=3.4 amp

so my powersupply maximum use 3.4amp.
am i right? smps convert this ac voltage into appropriate dc voltage to use different pc component

I dont know dc voltages used by every connector

mainly there are 5 connectors

atx 20 pin connector

Eps 12v 4 pin or 8 pin connector

pci e 6 pin or 8 pin connector

molex connector

sata power connector

can you give me the voltage,ampere used by this connectors.

so i can calculate max wattage provided by every connectors

4.why iam asking this questions because i got information about the wattage of 8 pin EPS +12 volt power cable like this from some website

here 12v connector uses 28 amp which provide 336 watts

+12 volts​
28 amps​
336 watts​
[TH]Voltage rail[/TH]
[TH]Number of lines[/TH]
[TH]Maximum current[/TH]
[TH]Maximum wattage[/TH]​
[TH]Unofficial cable/connector maximum wattage delivery[/TH]​

in my views 800 watt psu max draw 3.4 amp from socket

then how it use 28 amp for this connectors?

if you say smps can draw more ampere than 3.4 amp then how it draw more than that when it connected to a 5 amp socket which only provide 5 amp maximum?
Simply said, you won´t have any issues.

Like you correctly calculated, the 800Watt @230V will take at max. 3.5A. This is the current which the socket will see at max.
The maximum wattage the socket can give, is 1150Watt.

The other amperage inside the power supply is an AC/DC converted one. While using a DC voltage which is about 20 times less than the AC one, the DC current will be "produced" inside the power supply by a transformer and the appropriate circuits and is "not related" to the AC current.

The power supply (SMPS) is designed to work with this high DC currents and the wires thickness as well.

The power supply will give you 4 voltages: 3,3V, 5V, -12V and +12V. All with different current ratings.


Sep 24, 2014
i know it.
but my question is that
In the above picture
the max current column
it shows 22amp,24 amp,35 amp values.
how a ac current of 3.5 amp converted to dc current of huge 35 amp.