PC powering on for a few secs ...


Jun 22, 2009

I built this system over an year ago and it has worked fine all this time. I moved recently, and now I cannot get my PC to stay on anymore. The time it stays on is random, some times it will automatically shut down within 2-3 secs , sometimes it shuts down immediately after I press the switch. Yesterday, I disconnected everything and reconnected stuff back and it worked for a while. I even shut down the system correctly for a good measure and restarted without any problem. But then it started again.

Here is the configuration :

.Mobo : Asus P5K-E / Wifi-AP
CPU: Intel quad core . Q6600, with standard aircooled fan.
PSU : rated 650 W
Hard Drives : 1X IDE , 1XSATA
Optical Drives : 1XBD , 1X CD/DVD RW
RAM : 4X1 gigs (tried starting up with a single stick in different slots, no luck)
Case Antec 900

Its awfully hard to determine what could be wrong , if the system does not power up.

Any help would be much appreciated ... thanks