Question Pc powers on but not display or peripherals

Dec 11, 2018
I came home from work and started up my pc but it cut out about a second after and would keep doing so after holding power down and draining caps etc, eventually i took it apart and reseated ram and tried it again but it kept doing the same thing but I persistently kept turning it on

Then all of a sudden it worked and stayed on but now my new problem is that there is no display coming to my monitor or keyboard, also my restart button on my pc no longer works I either have to hold down power or switch the psu off, Iv tried resetting cmos and reseating ram(and trying 1 stick at a time) and gpu again but no luck, I have neither a error code or speaker on my pc so I dont really know where to start troubleshooting, the initial problems lead me to believe its the psu but now Im not sure. It was working fine for about 2 years now and Im not very tech savvy so Im lost

My specs are

X99 sabertooth motherboard
850 superflower psu
Corsair 4x4gb
I7 680