Question Pc problem, games and image quality feels bad.

Jul 21, 2019
Hello guys i have a big problem, i dont enjoy playing games because they dont feel right, they feels like 60hz when performing fast actions(i own 144), i have a good rig and i never been able to say, oh wow look how smooth my game is, even cs 1.6 feeled wrong like 8 years ago but i moved on to other games, videos and overall quality of the image is not good, i read in a lot of places that grounding maybe the cause, i dont have ground in my old house (i checked every outlet in the house and they all have only 2 wires even tho they allow 3 prong plugs)
So my question is, what should i do so i dont have any of this shit on my pc? does putting a ground rod and connecting it to the outlet that i have my pc on will solve the problem ?
Sorry for bad english :p
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