Question PC problems and bsod


Oct 20, 2016
Hi, I firstly want to mention that I did not have this problem before going to vacation for ~15 days, my parents usually disconnect everything to avoid problems or just in case a thunderstorm happens. So my pc was disconnected from the electricity for that amount of time.

After I came back, most game keep crashing without a message or anything, it'll just stop moving and then after 5 seconds it'll crash to desktop. If I try to game again it will cause a BSOD no matter what game I tried.
Things I did:
  • Format and install only the games / drivers and try again.
  • Did a memory check, nothing wrong with them.
  • Thought it was overheating, cleaned the CPU and applied new thermal paste.
  • Updated BIOS.
None of those worked. The only one that seemed to work is disabling XMP on the bios, then I get 1600Mhz RAM instead of 3200Mhz.

i7 7700k @ 4.5Ghz. Water cooled.
MSI 1080 Armor.
Gigabyte z270 Gaming 3.
16 GB Crucial Elite 3200Mhz DDR4. 2x8GB (It's not a kit, they came in different boxes)
1TB NVMe Samsung 970 Evo Plus.
Thermaltake Thoughpower 850W.

I'm also using 2 monitors, one is 144hz connected through Displayport and the other one is 60hz connected through DVI.
I should also mention that I did not have this issue before going away for 15 days and that XMP was enabled since I build this PC around a year and half ago.
EDIT: Most of the testing was done playing Battlefield 5 Multiplayer. Temps didn't go over 70 celcius.
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