PC problems! Can't figure it out!


Apr 12, 2009
I built my PC about 5 months ago and keep getting one nagging problem.
I get a stutter in my sound. From trying things like moving PCI slots, or uninstalling and installing many times. I can't get it to go away.

What this problem is is that while on the internet or in some games the sound will stutter, for no apparent reason. Also, in the same category, with windows media player the sound will keep going after I shut the program down. It just keeps playing if it's from a video, or a song if I close Windows Media before it finishes the sound runs until the end and I need to use task manager to shut it down. I'm sure in a way these coincide, but not sure how.
If say I'm streaming a video, or a song or something. If I have any other windows open and in use, or downloading, or even installing/uninstalling something I get stuttering. This seems to happen in a few instances, all the ones I mentioned and are bolded.

So, I have tried a lot of things and I was wondering, having only knowing the basics of IRQ's if this could be the cause of my problems.

I've uploaded a picture of my IRQ settings and have a few questions. That I'm hoping someone here can help me with. These are the settings that were set when I installed my hardware.

It doesn't say there are any device problems but i was wondering if, all that stuff on IRQ 16 is causing the problems. The Jmicron is something for my HDD access, it's for the IDE drives I'm using.
I was wondering if having all the PCI to PCI bridge, PCI-E, or if most of this stuff should be seperated on different IRQ's and this, what I like to think of it as, overload on IRQ 16 is causing these stuttering problems.
Or in general if any of this could potentially cause the problem, since I honestly can't think of anything else.

Any other ideas are appreciated too. I've seriously run out of all ideas.

MOBO - Asus P5E3 premium (Intel x48)
2.83ghz quad core intel Q9550
4GB ram, (only 3 used under XP of course) (DDR 3)
1 SATA at 10,000RPM, 2 older IDE HDD's at 7200RPM
Soundblaster X-Fi extreme Gamer (was supposed to be the least problematic :heink: )
1 ATI Radeon 4870x2
Win XP, for now


Apr 12, 2009

Ugh... wouldn't really have a clue, but if that mobo has onboard sound you might wanna give it a shot, even though you obviously spent a lot on the sound card. Worth a shot! If that doesn't solve it, maybe you have a dodgy mobo.