Sep 20, 2019
I did not want to ask this, but I can not see the solution I am looking for help.

In short is there a way to have PC/PS5 audio (best possible quality) with working headset mic for both.

I have a Sennheiser GSP 600 and GSX 1200 pro.
I use an astro mix amp (old model) for the PS5 with but I have to change the head set cable to use it and can not listen to PC at the same time.

The issue I have is I am looking for a way to get audio from both my PC and PS5 to my head set at the same time while keeping the same or better audio quality. It would be nice to have the microphone on the head set work on both PC and PS5.

Additional info:
I used to use a astro mix amp the older model and I used optical audio for the sound and the controller in the aux port for mic.
this worked but the audio quality is not as good as the GSX on pc.
I have done some looking but have not found a solid soluton one way or the other.