Question PC ramdonly turning off

Apr 4, 2020
My PC is around 6 months old, is a R7 2700x with a msi armor RX 580 8GB, 2 8GB trident GSkill, with 3 120 MM fans, 1 Nme, 1 SSD, 2 HDD, RGB, and a Cooler Master WME 550 Gold. Two days ago, is was trying DOOM Eternal on high, and afetr around 30 minutes playing, my PC just turn off, no lag, no freeze, no BSOD, just turn off. I thought is was overheating, so I stopped playing, but my kept turn off whila I was playing other games like Prey or Darkest Dungeon. After checking some forums, I thought it could be that I was forcing my PSU, so I tried to lower the consumption disconnecting one of the fan, the RGB, on HDD and turn off multi-threading and 4 cores, but it keeps turning off after some time using it in just Opera or Word. Other thing is that the PSU keeps buzzing after the PC shuts down, and it won`t turn on unless I disconnect it from the board and connect it again.