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Question PC Random Freeze Hiccups

May 18, 2020
Hi There! So.

My PC Since i built it has always had problems where it will randomly freeze up for like 20seconds at a time then unfreeze randomly, especially if im playing a game (But not only when gaming, just happens most often)

I have tried many things to find and or fix the issue and im stuck on what else to try or what might be the problem

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
GPU: Strix Gaming 2060 OC (3 fan)
PSU: Corsair CX750 (Replaced from VS650 to see if that was the problem)
CASE: Corsair SPEC-DELTA Carbide Series, RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case - Black
CPU COOLER: Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
STORAGE: 4TB WD Red NAS HDD, 500GB WD Blue NVMe, 250GB Samsung SSD

I have tried replacing my GPU with my old one, nothing
I have ran MemTest and tried 1 RAM at a time, nothing
I bought the new HDD and NVMe and unplugged my old samsung SSD to see if it was t he problem, nothing
Updated my BIOS and all my drivers, nothing
Checked temps during lags and heavy loads, all very cool, no high temps above 60C max on cpu or gpu
May 18, 2020
game on the 4TB WD?
latest bios?
Games are on the 4TB WD, although i had this problem before i got the WD

And yeah because it was happening i updated my bios like a month ago as a way to try fix it (The problem has been happening for a while now been slowly trying to fix it)