Question PC Random Freeze totally clueless experts plse help ?


Nov 14, 2014
Hey guys
Few months back while working my mouse and keyboard froze both are USB type device i tried to
unplug and plug it on another port it dint help i gotta hard shutdown
after restart again it froze after 10 min so i removed my GPU Driver and reinstalled it
then i dint get any such PC freeze thing for few months.

And few weeks back i got same Keyboard/ mouse freeze thing PC not responding i gotta hard shutdown
This time i completely uninstalled AMD drivers including port drivers reinstalled everything.
Problem gone worked fine for 15days.

Now again i got same freeze thing butthis time its so brutal after hard shutdown and restart
windows 7 won't boot up into normal mode it gets stuck at the 'starting windows' screen.

after few attempts i entered into Safe mode and tried to back up my C drive data
i never had this mouse Keyboard freeze thing in safe mode BUT this time after 15min
it froze

i thought there is some serious software error and i tried to reinstall windows 7 OS via USB drive
Every thing worked fine for few minutes BUT while OS installing around 70% PC froze it happened 2 times

i thought my mouse is the culprit and i switched the mouse to my old standby mouse now everything
gone well Windows 7 installed successfully and after roughly around 35 minutes while installing
Motherboard Drivers it again froze

Now i dont have any idea whats wrong with my PC

Is it a virus ??
if so how come during OS installation it froze i formatted c drive [ But not D/E ]
Dose malware/virus work without OS ? tat too while OS installation ?

Is it a GPU issue ?
coz few weeks back reinstalling GPU divers solved the problem for few weeks.
i use drivers from CD came with the product not the latest one.
i never used updated drivers i always stick with driver from CD im not a gamer.

Is it a software issue ?
if so how come mouse/Keyboard froze while installing OS coz i completely formatted c Drive

Is it PSU or MOB ?
if so how i gotta find it ??

why this freeze issue gone months back after installing GPU driver [ drivers from CD ]
every time i reinstall GPU driver it worked fine for few days ???

Now i just installed my Win 7 OS no other software already it froze 2 times.
Im clueless :(:(:(

So please help me guys im a Freelance Designer
this PC is my workstation i got no other go
Thank you
Here's the config
Motherboard: M5 A99FX PRO R2.0
AMD FX 8350
Cooler Master 750 w PSU
Corsair 8 GB DDR3
Seagate 1TB Sata Drive
Cooler master Hyper 212X CPU
cooler master k380 cabinet
Dell 21.5 inch monitor S2240L
Asus strix r9285 GPU
APC ups 1KV

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