Question PC random freezes

Apr 19, 2019
Hey man!

So sorry that you are experiencing this problem as I especially can relate to this.

I myself bought a custom build way back in 2013 and from very early on was experiencing the exact same problem as you describe. It woulld happen anywhere from five minutes from starting the pc to sometimes beyond 8 hours of runtime.

Unfortuneatly to this very day I am yet to solve this issue although now it only seems to happen after my pc has been running for extreme amounts of time ( over 24 hours - which is rare for me so not really a big issue)

I have honestly changed so many parts on my pc over the years for various reasons - CPU, HDD, GPU and RAM included so I'm honestly perplexed that this still happens.

I am not sure if it could be a motherboard issue.. One strange thing I noticed is that after a certain Windows update around a year ago is the time when it started to only occur after extremely long up times so idk if anyone can make a connection there.

Sorry that I can't be of any further help right now but I definitely feel you as this problem bothered me so much for a long long time!

In any case I can give far more details in the next few days of my build etc and other detailed information that can perhaps help us to see if there is any connection between our cases at all as I am not currently home and have limited access to details.