Question PC random restarts even when idle. Power supply replacement? Or can be fixed?

Jan 12, 2022
My PC just started having these random restart problems ever since I had used it in a house with voltage fluctuations in a power supply (big mistake not using AVR for it). Isn't affected by gaming, 'cause the restarts happen even when I just browse the internet or just idle. Even when I started using an AVR or went back to using the PC in a house where it worked perfectly before, I still get these restarts. However, I noticed that when I don't use the pc for a long time (like a week), I'd be able to run it for a long time, like 4 hours or, compared to when I regularly use it; where it could run for an hour at max, and after each restart it runs shorter each time. Could this be a power supply problem or something else? Or maybe some bios voltage settings could just help with this?


System Log shows Event 41. Replaced my psu and it still happens

Did you get a chance to review the links I sent. Even ID 41 is pretty clear, windows wakes up and realizes it wasn't shut down properly. You should be ok with that PSU (it's not bad/rating is high enough). Any chance there is a lose connection? (ATX, SATA Power, Fan headers, etc.)

I like SID's idea about trying without the GPU. The other though it around heat / temperature. When it's cold it seems like it can run for longer without issue. (Wondering if a fan is running slow / failing?) You changed the PSU so that rules it out. What about the CPU/GPU/Case fans?