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pc randomly crashes and blue screen of death that i cant understand


May 21, 2014
Hello so recently im having a very bizare problem with my pc and for atleast one month i am trying to figure out what it is sooo lets start. While i was playing recently a lamp fell on my tower (dont ask how just bad luck) and after that my left screen (which is plugged in my dedicated gpu r9 380) glitched out pretty hard (green flashy particles all over the screen) my right screen (plugged at the intergrated graphics) was just frozen in place.
So i restarted my pc and the only thing that was happening was the leds on the tower lighting up and the fans started spinning for 2-3 seconds then thet would stop and after a couple of seconds they would start again and this just kept going.Also another thing to point out is that my pc has done the same think in the past though not for the same reason (one time was when i installed a new gpu the other when i installed a new ssd etc.) so i did the same things i did when they first happened ,i opened the case and removed tha gpu and i started meddling with the ram sticks(taking one out ,leaving some in, different channel combinations etc.).While i was doing that i managed to make the leds and fans to keep on running but still no display signal on either screens like not even the boot.
So here comes the fun part , at one point i managed to open the pc with only one dimm stick in so i said 'lets keep that one in place and try to get the other ones in', i did that and guess what ? no display ...to shorten the story at the end and after every combination imaginable i placed the dimm's at their original location and the pc booted ... i was realived and angry at the same time but atleast the pc started .So i place the gpu in again the pc opens everyone is happy until i bump the case my mistake ... same process but faster this time the pc opens up etc.
The pc works fine for about a month until i install new drivers and i hit the restart button ....nothing on the screen again (frustration kicks in cause its 3 am). i hard reset the pc and the fans/leds stay open then i press the restart button which results in my peripherial leds to light up then i repeat the same process(hard reset/restart) until the intergraded screens open and the pc boots again .After that i restart the pc again in hope to make the other screen open too .After that i get a bsod (print screen link) so i repeat the restart/hard reset. I finaly get both screens to light up and boot but right after i type my password in the pc freezes for a brief second or two (i have never experienced something like that in the past) and then normaly starts up and that is where i am now i have no idea whatsoever why this happenes but my nerves are a bit on their limit and sorry for the huge a$$ post and my grammatical errors

print screen links: http://prntscr.com/j9qho9
Generally with a video time out bug check I would reset the bios to defaults, boot In to windows down load the current motherboard sound driver from the motherboard vendors website

Then I would make sure the Sata drive is connected to a Sata controller that is controlled by the cpu chpset and make sure it is not on specialized port. (Generally 4 or 5)

You should also disable any cpu or gpu overclock and look for old drivers.
Google sysinternals autoruns utility and look at the drivers tab but hide the Microsoft drivers. It can help find outdated drivers or extra copies of overclocking drivers.
Go here to look up the driver names. http://www.carrona.org/dvrref.php

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