Question Pc randomly crashes, fans keep working, power button does nothing

Mar 23, 2022
Hello, I’ve been having this problem for months and have not been able to find a solution.

My pc randomly crashes. It can happen while I game, browse the internet or just go through folders on desktop. But most of the time it will happen while editing (Premiere Pro). Sometimes it may happen 1-2 times a week, but other times if heavy editing, can happen multiple times during the day.

Screens go off, no signal shows on all 3. All RGB keep working but go to default colour ignoring their software settings. Fans keep working. If they were on high speed, they go back to normal speed. 10% of the times, pc will freeze for 5-10 seconds before doing the above. Every time this happens, power and restart button on my case stop working. Only way to stop and start again is by PSU switch.

No idea if any of these are important, but worth noting.

Mobo is the oldest model that supports my cpu and only after a BIOS update.

My PSU is 650W, powering 3 ssds 2 hdds, a 3070 rtx, ryzen 5900x and nzxt cooler.

I don’t thing heating is an issue. It has happen during high temperatures but most of the time it will happen on very normal ones.

One HDD is like 6 years old. Its the largest one so I have desktop running on it. All files are stored on this one. Software and games are on my ssds. When editing, premiere runs on ssd but editing files from hdd

When it happens, looks like it goes in sleep mode (due to fans working, rgb going on default colours, no signal on monitors) but nothing can wake it up.

What I have tried
Turning it off and on again…
Checking for viruses
Updating all drivers including BIOS
Clean with CCleaner
Re-installing all software + games
Updating Premiere Pro
Formatting my pc and re-installing windows
Changing RAM
Changing PSU cable
Changing surge protector/overload protector power extension
Checking for crash reports (nothing)
Changing pc power settings
Changing sleep mode settings

-RTX 3070 founders edition 8gb
-Ryzen 5900x 12 core 3.70 Ghz
-Mobo MSI x470 Gaming Pro
-32gb RAM corsair vengeance pro ddr4 3600MHz C18
-Corsair CV650 80 PLUS Bronze PSU
-1 crucial p2 ssd. 2 kingston A400 ssds
-2 seagate hdds
-nzxt kraken m22 cooler
-Two 1080p acer monitors + a 4k acer monitor

I do not have spare components to try things out so I really hope the above info can draw a picture of the issue. Any suggestions and help is highly appreciated.
Thank you
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