Question Pc randomly crashing for 1 year


May 18, 2014
My pc has been crashing and turning on again.
Its been over a year now
My specs are
i5 440 k
Gigabyte h81m-s2pv
8 gb ram
Gt 1030(old r7 265x died )
2x 1 tb hdds
About 1 yr ago my r7 265x died.
And after few months my computer has been crashing and restarting again with a click sound. After sometime I noticed that cpu temp was 100 degrees all the time and found that old gigabyte h8s1m has been overheating after replacing it the temperature problem solves
As for voltage fluctuations got an apc 600watt ups
For 1 week only few crashes with ups
But now again it keeps crashing
and restarting randomly. Checked ram no problems. Hdd shows some bad sectors so I installed windows in other healthy drive but still it restarts. Games run perfectly it would crash anytime on browsing or idle or gaming
Someone suggested me to turn off hardware accelaration on chrome it did provide relief for few days and now again it the problem continues
No viruses in my pc
Disabled nvdia gt 1030 still same problem
Could this be faulty of psu ?
I live in remote town I can't arrange a good psu
Plz help


Jan 22, 2016
Also what is the make and model of the ram that you are using with this computer? Is it the same as the previous computer? If it is the same ram then that is likely the problem. Your motherboard manufacturer will have a QVL (or Qualified Vendor List) for components that are certified to work with each individual motherboard. If the ram you are using is not on that list that would be one particular problem. But it may not be the only problem.