Question PC randomly cutting all display while playing games

Sep 19, 2022
Recently, my pc has been cutting all display while I'm playing any video games. It's strange because sometimes it will last 3-4 hours without a problem and other times it will happen right when I launch something. I'm trying now to reduce the amount of processes in the background while I play so I can't say if that's going to help but I've done a lot including completely rebuilding the computer. Where could this problem be stemming from? Graphics card or PSU maybe?

Also, it went out one night and the next morning refused to turn back on. I took it to Microcenter to see if they could help and it booted up just fine whenever they plugged it in. I just bought a new monitor, trying to do only single display but I don't know it's helped at all yet.

Processor - i7 9700k
GFX - 2070 Super
Motherboard - Asus z390-A Prime
PSU - 850 watt gold
Ram - 16gb (2x8) Corsair
(I'm not sitting at my PC right now so those specs of just off the top of my head, I can give more specifics if needed)

Also, whenever this happens I have to restart my entire PC in order to get display back so it's not a port issue I don't think.