Question PC randomly doesnt boot: booting gets stuck on mobo logo screen


Jul 9, 2014
Hey guys. I have a recently built PC and i have sort of a weird issue that i need some tips for.

To describe the problem, what sometimes happens when im booting the PC is that it gets stuck on the ASUS ROG loading screen with the circles spinning (the screen that comes after the " press enter bios" screen). I have checked the Qled boot lights that are supposed to indicate which stage on boot the PC currently is at, and they are all off, so im guessing its already passed those stages. The PC will just sit at the loading screen forever. What i usually do is press the reset button on my PC. The PC will then try to boot again, and sometimes it boots succesfully, but also sometimes it doesnt. After which i usually press reset once again, and then the PC goes into the windows 10 boot fix. It says that the PC couldnt boot properly and sometimes restarting helps. Then out of the two options (restart or advanced options) i usually click restart which then will again prompt the PC to boot, and only then the PC actually goes into windows.

As you can see it isnt very straight forward problem. This doesnt happen every time i boot, but it has happened like 3 times after my MOBO swap (yeah a long story, but then i first built the PC something damaged the motherboard and i had to replace it).

Any ideas as to what could be causing this? If i had to guess it could maybe be something wrong with the boot configuration for windows or on the M.2 drive that runs it. But then again its really a clueless guess.

Edit: This happened again today, and after using the reset button twice, it again attempted to enter the windows diagnostic, but where usually it would enter, this time i had mouse visible and moving and the screen was black. Then i waited, but nothing changed so i pushed the restet button once again, and then finally it entered windows. It seems like whatever the problem is, entering windows diagnostic fixes it (usually entering this window i just chose the restart option so i dont change or diagnose anything further and it works).

Would appreciate some input here. Thanks
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