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Question PC randomly freezes for no reason


Feb 4, 2018
Hi, I have an issue which I cant seem to fix and was looking to get some help with. The issue is that the pc freezes at random times for random durations. This issue started when I wiped my pc and started from scratch but before the wipe this issue never occured.

Things I have tried so far:
-stress testing cpu and gpu (no freezes ever occured during these test which seems strange)
-checked storage devices for any issues (none however a 1% fragment for my hdd which only holds games and some files)
-checked ram (seems okay, stock settings and swapped slots to see if any improvements however none)
-check temps of cpu and gpu (decent temps for me)

The freezes seem to cause the pc to just stop whatever its doing like having multiple programs open will render majority if not all frozen, and getting to task manager or anything doesnt work. I've noticed this also causes me to lose network connection to games servers and streams im watching.

I dont really know where this issue came from because nothing was changed hardware wise and its a fresh OS install.