Question PC randomly freezes only on CSGO??? Also cannot get into BIOS to update?

Aug 17, 2019
Hey all. I've had this issue for some time now and thought it was finally time to let the pros take a wack at it. So as the title says my PC freezes when I play CSGO out of the blue, I can play other games for quite a while and they dont lock it up. With that said this hasn't always been the case.

Back when I built this RIG (roughly a year ago) these freezes would happen all the time no matter what I was doing whether it be idling at my home screen or playing a game. Back when it use to freeze while doing anything it would have a very loud and annoying buzzing sound as well as being followed up with the BSOD "DPC_Watchdog_Error" or "DPC_Watchdog_Violation".

Nowadays it will just completely lock up my PC with no odd buzzing noise, I cant use my KB or mouse or do anything, I have to physically flip the switch on my PSU to reset it. After I reset, it will usually do what i call a "fake boot" then it will actually boot up. By "fake boot" i mean it will turn on for about 1 second then turn off again and i have to click the power button on my case again to actually get it to boot fully. The only driver that isn't up to date (that im aware of) is my "Realtek HD Audio" Driver, and that cause i dont know where to get it.

I've been to Realtek's site and none of it makes any sense to me. I have not reset CMOS, and that is a whole other issue, My case has clearance issues with my card and to get to anything on my mobo i have to unplug literally everything and pull the Mobo out of my PC and then take the Graphics card off of my Mobo. Plan on getting a new case soon though .

As you can probably tell theres a lot i haven't done. To get to the second thing i mentioned about me not being able to get into BIOS though. I use to be able to get into BIOS just fine but now for whatever reason my Keyboard will not register anything until I have completely booted into Windows, I have tried plugging it into the top right and left USB slots on my Mobo. With that said im sure my BIOS is most likely out of date and i have no way to update it. As you can see i have pretty much no Idea what im doing at this point and would really appreciate some insight into the issues at hand...Thx in advance!!!


i7-8700K OC @ 5.0Ghz

GTX 1070TI

16GB Trident-Z 3000Mhz RAM (OC @ 3200)

Asus Z390-A Mobo (according to DriverEasy) Im on BIOS version 0402

Corsair H60 (OG Model) Cooler


Im sure theres gonna be some things y'all are gonna need from me like dump files etc. But i have absolutely no idea what i need or how to get them so a brief explanation on the things you do need from me would be very appreciated as well :)
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