Question Pc randomly freezes or restarts while gaming

Nov 25, 2020
Hi guys i have had this problem for over half a year and iam getting sick of it so iam gonna ask you guys. My system is
Cpu: i5 9600k
Gpu: 2060 super windforce oc gygabyte
Ram: 16 gb 2133mhz
Psu: 550w corsair sv
Drives 2 harddrives 5400rpm one 1 tb and one 500 gb
And one 128 ssd (bootdrive)
Motherboard: asus prime b360m-a
I have a intelstock cooler and 3 case fans 1 exashast and 2 intake, my temps are good on every component for the cpu is like high 70s and for the gpu its like high 60s.
I have ran every test windows ram test have stress tested for countless hours. Bois is updated drives are lastest version. I have had this problem on 3 games so far Modern warfare, cod black ops cold war and Rust. All are very instable games but it shouldnt be the reson of the chrashed sinds none of my friends ever chrash like this.
Pls help
Thanks in advance