Question PC randomly freezes, sound loops


Jan 9, 2018
Okay, It's been a month since this problem started.
I've got this PC jan/2018, and never had any problems with it.

But last month I started to get some stutters playing games which was weird, tried updating drivers, clean installs, updated the BIOS but the stutters would never go away.
Decided to format and then my problem shifted from stutters in game (now gone) to random freezes for a few seconds with sound looping.
PC freezes for about 5 seconds, sound loops buzzing, and then it comes back to life.
Tried a lot of things changed drivers, did a RAM verification and still nothing.
Decided to format again (maybe something went wrong during last time), PC ran well for 3-4 days after this format, but then, freezes again, and same old problem.
Freezes happen so randomly, browsing, gaming, watching video, chatting on discord..

But now there's a difference, sometimes (not always) it says that I've plugged in a new audio device right after the freeze.
It's odd, maybe the BIOS update was the problem? (From little stutter to freezes?)

Temps are okay, just my GPU sometimes goes around 79-80C, but it won't freeze just to get to those temps.

My system:
Core i7 8700k
32GB RAM Corsair 3000MHz XMP Profile
SSD Samsung EVO 960 NVME
RTX 2080 TI Windforce Gigabyte
Asus Z370-H Motherboard