Question PC randomly freezes while gaming ?

Jul 5, 2022
So as the title states, my pc just randomly freezes while playing certain games.

For example whenever i play a relatively heavy game like gta V or F1 22, it freezes after like 5 minutes of playing, however when i'm playing a less heavy game like Raft, Bloons,... it doesn't freeze, even after 3-4 hours. Whenever a freeze occurs i have to turn off the system via the power button. I tought the freezes were happening because i broke a ssd that my windows was on, i moved it to my 1tb nvme and it still occured. I had already ordered a new 500GB nvme just for windows, which is now in use and it's still happening, so i'm pretty sure it's not related to that. PC freezes out of nowhere, no audio glitch, no small freezes or dips, no error, just nothing.

- things i've tried so far:
  1. Fresh windows install (3 times)
  2. Updating every single driver i can
  3. Windows Memory test
  4. Multiple benchmarks and stress tests (which didn't cause my pc to freeze?)
  5. Verifying the game files through steam, and reinstalling
  6. Updating BIOS
  7. Disabling my CPU overclock, also adjusting my voltage while running the OC
  8. sfc /scannow (like 13 times already) did come back with a corrupt file the first time, fixed it and now it came back fine the other 12 times.
  9. Virus scan (bullguard) found nothing
  10. My temps are fine, under heavy loads both my CPU and GPU are reaching max temps of 70-75c, and only a max of 65 when playing GtaV
- PC specs:

  2. I7 9700k, currently overclocked at 5.0GHz
  3. Corsair H115i RGB Platinum
  4. 32gb (4x8) G.Skill TridentZ 3200mhz
  6. 1x 500GB 970 evo plus boot NVME, 1x 1TB 970 evo, 1x 1TB HDD, 1x 4TB HDD (which is currently not plugged in and hasn't been since the issues started)
  7. Cooler Master MWE750 White Certified
  8. Corsair Obsidian 500D
  9. Windows 10 Pro


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Fresh windows install (3 times)
Windows 10 Pro

Where did you source the installer for your OS?

Updating BIOS
Please state the version for your BIOS on your motherboard.

Cooler Master MWE750 White Certified
Have you tried working with a donor(not purchased)PSU from a friend or neighbor who owns a reliably built PSU with at least 750W of power at the entire system's disposal? The unit you have isn't exactly reliably and certainly not something I'd pair in a system with an RTX3070.

1x 500GB 970 evo plus boot NVME, 1x 1TB 970 evo,
Use Samsung's Magician app to see if your SSD's have firmware updates pending.
Jul 5, 2022
I got the OS installer from the official microsoft website ( ).

my current BIOS version is 7B51v1E1, it is a beta version so i might just try to go to the 7B51v1D version, i don't think it's gonna be a huge change since the issue was happening on an older BIOS version aswell.

Unfortunatly i don't know annyone who has got a PSU strong enough that i can borrow for testing. I have read multiple times that the PSU can cause this, i've been thinking on getting a new one anyway just because i wanna switch to a modulair one. But it would be wierd that my PSU just randomly gave up, it has been working fine since i got my 3070 which has been around 4-5 months, the issues really started when i was doing some cable management and i heard a crack, which was my sata SSD with my OS on it, which broke and i know that for certain since windows couldn't recognize the SSD anymore after that happend.

Used the Samsung Magician app and i had the latest versions of firmware already installed, also quickly did diagnostic scans and performance benchmarks, which also came out perfectly fine.