Build Advice PC randomly freezing up for a few seconds

Jul 23, 2020
I have this problem when running my pc for more than 10 minutes where it will sort of freeze a little. While in-game on Smite, the games ms numbers will randomly spike up to 200ms, but the ping will stay fine and it will freeze up a bit without effecting sound or progress in anything I'm doing in-game and then lower back down. And the same effect happens to not just programs such as games but in general with the entire computer I could have everything closed and it still freeze up for a second just moving my mouse around.

Build components:
Rtx 2060 super
Ryzen 5 3600
MSI b450m gaming plus
G.Skill Trident 16x2gb 3600hz ram
600w psu
(This is a newly built system I've been trying to figure this out for a month now)

I have the latest bios update, drivers are up to date, originally when using my system I was getting bsod which led me to believe I was having ram issues and found some system corruption but I've fixed that now and have no problems with that, but this issue of randomly freezing up wouldn't go away.

I also don't know if this helps but I do have electrical whining coming from gpu from time to time while playing graphic intense games. There aren't any abnormalities in cpu, gpu, or disk performance. I'm using Ethernet and I'm not having network issues the problem has never made me disconnect mid-game.

Any kind of help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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600w psu
Make and model of the unit?

For the sake of reference, mentioning which BIOS version you're currently on would help us two fold. Also include the version for your installation of Windows 10.