Question PC randomly getting no signal on display ?

Jan 23, 2022
Hi, my PC has been suddenly getting no signal from my PC. It happens randomly after my PC has booted up and happens as early as before the login screen to a few hours after booting up. It doesn't seem to matter what I have open as it will do as I have nothing open. It seem to go longer without losing signal if I leave my PC off for a while leading me to believe it could be hardware related. So far I have tried:

  • Uninstalling, updating, and removing my graphics drivers with DDU.
  • Using MSI afterburner to check thermals to make sure it's not overheating, my GPU/CPU coolers don't feel overly hot after this happens either.
  • Checking event viewer to see if I can find the problem but all it really shows is me turning off/restarting my PC.
  • Checking device manager but nothing seems out of the ordinary.
Any possible solution is much appreciated.

Update: I left my running on the bios screen to see what would happen and I suspected that it was windows that was the issue, I then formatted the drive to see if that would stop it but then windows would enter an error screen if I would try to install it again, this error screen would occur with or without the windows installation USB. I removed the windows recovery partition of my drive, now if I try to install windows, it will reach a windows 10 logo after the bios screen and boot loop. I swapped out the sdd with an old hard drive I formatted and the same thing happens. It will boot up to the bios screen and detects everything just fine. I thought the usb might of been bad and loaded up the windows installer onto a new USB and got the same results.
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