Question PC randomly loses power and shuts down and reboots


Nov 21, 2013
Hello people of Tom's Hardware! I'm coming to you guys because I've already exhausted just about every other option. The shutdown happens between immediately after getting to the lock screen, and 5-10 minutes after traversing windows. I have also clean installed Windows 10 just to check if drivers were an issue, and it didn't help. I have a pc with the following specs:

  • Ryzen 3600X
  • Asus TUF X570 Gaming Plus
  • EVGA GTX 1070 Superclocked
  • NZXT H510 Case
  • EVGA 550W G3 Power Supply
  • Crucial MX500 500GB SSD
  • Samsung 860 Evo 500GB
  • 2TB WD HDD
I have absolutely no idea what is causing this problem. I have performed all the normal troubleshooting steps, such as:

  • Trying 1 ram stick in multiple different positions on the motherboard.
  • Reseating just about everything I could think of. CPU, Graphics card, Ram, etc.
  • Checking to make sure nothing was overheating.
  • Trying a known working graphics card from another system
  • Since I run off of a UPS for power, tried running off of the wall, and multiple outlets around the house to no avail.
  • EVGA replacing the PSU under warranty
  • ASUS replacing the motherboard under warranty
  • Booting into safe mode to try and check for bluescreens, which there were none. Just events viewer saying there was a loss of power to the system.
I just cannot figure it out. I've been going at this for almost a month, and I need my computer to start working again. If anyone has any input, or wants to clarify anything I've done, I'll be replying to all of the posts. Thanks so much!
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