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Question Pc randomly quits (heavy) games

Jul 4, 2020

I've built a new computer but have been having issues with gaming (especially post scriptum and squad). They always seem to crash within 2 to 30 minutes. This was also the case with csgo but not anymore. I've tested rising storm vietnam and portal 2 and those run just fine altough i didn't test them that long. I'm suspecting a psu failure here but it just seems unlikely to me. I have done all the tricks from ddu to older drivers, xmp profile on auto or enabled, running no oc at the moments since its new, i have stress tested cpu and gpu and the temperatures are pretty good. My dad told me yesterday it smells burnt in my room but i don't really agree with that. My brother said it's just how new psu's smells. But i did a psu test on occt where there's full load on gpu and cpu for an hour but it didn't crash. Also had 1 bsod but not more than that. Other crashes forced me to reboot and lost signal with my monitor.
Specs list:
Ryzen 5 3600
Rx 5700 xt sapphire nitro+
Ballistix ram 3600 mhz 16gb
Corsair rm650x
B450 tomahawk max

650w seems plenty but i did read some suggest 750w because this card ask alot apparently.
What do you guys think?
Jul 4, 2020
What do you mean with crash? Does the pc just shutdown? Does it fire up right away?

Smell is something you get used to so maybe dad is right.

Still RMx are a good series of psu, though even every best series can have their duds. Think that 650watts should be fine.

Have latest bios?

Something else to do to make sure it's not a bsod,
Help Troubleshoot the Blue Screen of Death by Preventing Automatic Reboot
The game just quits to desktop or gives me a black screen forcing to reboot. Pc boots fast into windows with no problems. I will test new bios since i don't think it's up to date but i never expected it to give problems. I had one bsod but was stupid enough to reboot right away and not look at the error code

Vic 40

No chipset drivers are motherboard drivers, bios/uefi will be where a cpu is compatible or not, although for the compatibility you have no concern as you know since having the MSI MAX version..