Question Pc randomly reboot w no warning.

Feb 19, 2020
My computer been restarting randomly for about a month or so. Yesterday I took everything apart even cooler and reapplied thermal paste and put it back. Turned it on played MW for about 30 minutes then random restart. Now it won't even boot to bios

I have tried a bunch of different things.
  • Another psu
  • Removed ram all but 1
  • Another gpu(mine and secondary)-confirmed working in my other computer.
  • Different displays
  • Moved gpu/ssd/hdd to other build worked fine all night
  • Used cpuid hw monitor to check temps all below 60c at any time.
  • Turn on sometimes fine for hours then no warning restart
  • Reboot loop
  • Quick restarts 1 to 10 minutes running
  • Bios lasts about 10 minutes then reboot
  • No ram sticks 30 min. No reboot
  • 1 ram stick reboot under 5
  • 1060 gpu ..reboot under 5
As of removing everything and replacing in case.
  • Computer boots fine is on for about 30 on desktop then 30 min of modern warfare. . I get up to grab something come.back and its rebooting.
  • Now 20 minutes after that... I'm getting absolutely no signal to TV.
  • Tried multiple cords and another gpu
  • My 1660 GPU works in my older build so I dont believe it is the gpu
Any suggestions?? I believe I've narrowed it down to be either the motherboard/cpu/ ram??? Any help would tremendously appreciated.

Motherboard: ASUS prime B450M-A
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600AF 2019
CPU COOLER: Wraith Spire RGB
RAM: 4x 8gb 32gb @ 2400mhz
GPU: PNY GTX 1660 6gb
PSU: EVGA 500 watt
CASE: Raidmax EXO

Sorry if I posted incorrectly in format or location.
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