Question PC randomly rebooting

Nov 6, 2021
Backstory: I was playing a game on my PC and my mouse kept disconnecting and reconnecting. I uninstalled the driver's and reinstalled. Then decided to check for a windows update and saw I needed an update, so I clicked it. Then halfway through the update my PC just went black and stayed that way for a while. I shut it down and then it wouldn't post. First said RAM, so I tried a different stick, and then it said VGA. Tried a bunch of stuff that didn't work. Ended up buying a new motherboard and ram.

After the new motherboard and ram it seemed to work ok for about an hour and then would shut off and reboot..over and over..So I replaced the PSU. But it was still doing it. So I nuked windows and did a fresh install. But it's still rebooting randomly. I'm at a loss.

Any help is greatly appreciated

My specs are:
Asus ROG b550-F
Samsung 970 m.2 nvme
Ryzen 9 3900x
32gb trident z
Corsair rm1000x
Nvidia 3070TI
Nzxt kraken x62
Corsair 4000d airflow
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Did you replace the PSUI with a higher wattage unit or the same, only brand new? As for your OS, where did you source the OS installer from? Can you get into BIOS at this moment of time? If so, please check and see what your BIOS version is for your motherboard.