Question PC randomly reboots - Help wanted as I am all out of ideas

Jun 8, 2021

6 month ago i built a PC with following specs:
-Amd Ryzen 3950x
-Gigabyte Auros X570 pro
-Chieftec A90 750W (recently replaced with a beQuiet 750W PSU)
-32GB ram

so it all started fairly recently where I would get random BSOD with a “Critical Structure Corruption” message. Then I updated my drivers, chipset drivers, gpu driver and bios (f33h). The bsod got away but I still have the issue that randomly and out of the blue and not even necessarily under load, the PC would randomly reboot. No BSOD. I could be playing games on high for hours and render scenes in my 3d program for hours on end but sometimes it would still out of the blue reboot while surfing or other tasks like texturing. Its so unreliable and therefore hard to replicate. Sometimes I go 2 days with no crash but then it crashes. Its just annoying. So I replaced by chieftec PSU with a better company one listed above. I then downloaded OCCT and checked the stress test.
The stress test would run fine when testing VRAM, GPU, CPU but as soon as I want to test the Power, the system immediately reboots within a second. Now I have replaced my PSU and therefore it cannot be it. I am really lost what else it could be.

I would appreciate any help as I am pretty lost now... I ve googled and seen that Ryzens seem to be plagued with that issue most of the time.

here is my build currently:

The image insert function doesnt work so heres the imgur album of my build: ht t tp://


Hi and welcome...
First time I'm hearing about ryzen been plagued by shorting...
It sounds to me like your system has is shorting somewhere ( short circuit).
If you're sure its not your PSU, could be the case... or in one of my endeavors <Mod Edit> CPU cooler.
If there is not BSOD... just immediately rebooting, something is short circuiting in your build.
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