Question PC Randomly reboots, then stuck on reboot loop

Dec 20, 2019
So I've had my pc for around 4 years now, and around a couple months back it started to do this random restart where it'd go on a reboot loop once in a while and now it's gotten to the point where it happens almost daily. It'd turn off, turn back on again and all the fans spin, the cpu cooler and the gpu lights up, but before it hits the post splash screen it'd turn off again and repeat. I thought the pc was overheating so I replaced the thermal paste on my cpu and that did nothing, I cleaned up the system making sure it wasn't being choked but that did nothing too. I tried reseating the gpu but still nothing too. One thing to note is that the reboot happens whenever I start a game or sometimes when I'm playing a game and it hits a loading screen. I tested it on more resource demanding games like MGSV and on some lesser demanding games like CS:GO and still the same. Whenever the reboot loop happens I unplug my PC and let it rest for anywhere around 30mins - 1h and it's able to start, however if I unplug it and don't let it rest it'd still go on that reboot loop which made me think it's an overheat problem. I looked at the temps and voltages on HWMonitor and it looks normal(?). I'm lost and don't know what to do, any help would be appreciated.

My PSU is a Corsair RM750i and the rest of the specs is in the speccy screenshot along with the HWMonitor stats