PC randomly reboots when i'm playing games


Feb 26, 2016
Hello everyone,

I bought a new CPU (Intel Core i5-4590 @ 3.33GHz) and a new Motherboard( B85M-G) the other day. Built it, worked fine and today i was playing H1Z1 and then my pc all of a sudden reboots. This already happened to me 3 times in 2 days, i can get up to 4-5 hours without a reboot but right after it rebooted, i tried playing the game again and it instantly rebooted after 10-20 min. This doesn't happen only with H1Z1, it happens with other games aswell. I have a 630W PSU but it's kind of old, like 4-5 years old so i would like to know what seems to be the problem with my PC. My GPU is a Nvidia GTX 960 Msi 2 GB OC but i had it before with the old motherboard and CPU and this never happened. So i'm guessing it's a problem related with my PSU. Btw i've run
a program called HWMonitor and my cpu temps when not playing is 27~38ºc and my gpu 32~38ºc
but when i'm playing the temperatures increase between 40~65ºc on my cpu and 55~70ºc on my gpu. Sorry for the long text, first time ever making a thread here.


Jan 17, 2014
Your temps are fine, 80c is when they start to run a little warm and you should starting to worry or look at how you are cooling them.

Have you checked windows is not trying to finish and install or another program or a bios update or something. If it is the PSU it would be a random shut off, without a shutdown window or anything.

Hope this helps.

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