Question PC randomly reboots


Sep 5, 2016

The Situation:
So... I have a friend with a computer that is randomly rebooting, and I instructed him a couple of things to try, but nothing works. The symptom is simple: It randomly reboots, even at idle states sometimes, but it reboots everytime on a game called Frostpunk. It does randomly reboot on everything, but more often on the game. It also reboots with Google Chrome apperantely

System Specs:

And... Since Speccy doesn't mention it, it's a CX750M Power Supply, for the people that think its a non-branded Chinese one. Also... the RAM is in a 4x8GB configuration.

What I have tried so far:

Stress Test:
I ran Furmark and Prime95 for about 20 minutes. The system remained stable without strange behaviour, not a single random reboot. I did this to test if it had power instability issues, but I think it's safe to say that it doesn't.

Memory Test: Ran Windows's built-in memory tester, and the memory didn't test bad. (More on this later).

Event Viewer: I went to Event Viewer to check the logs from the time it randomly reboots, and there's nothing really strange: Only the usual critical alert that Windows 'didn't shut down cleanly' but nothing else apart from the normal stuff like the Information logs. So, Windows doesn't seem to know why it happens, it just reboots.

Integrity Checker: I ran the SFC /SCANNOW command, and it did find a couple of violations that it fixed from what I saw at the log. I ran this daily to make sure Windows wasn't randomly being corrupted by a bad SSD or something, as I had something like this happen before, and it never found any other violations again. I am not really sure what to make of this.

Underclocking: Apperantely another friend of his applied an XMP profile at his memory to run at 3200MHz with 1.35 voltage. I thought it would be worth to run the memory at default settings (2100MHZ), but that actually seems to make it worse, as in rebooting more frequently.

Well... Honestly, not sure what the problem is. I'm kind of leaning towards either a bad motherboard, bad memory or maybe just a bad memory configuration. Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is more information on memory, if anyone needs it: (This was taken on the default XMP profile)