PC randomly resets, and then eventually stopped turning on


May 4, 2012
Alright, so just recently (2 weeks ago) I finished my build. She ran great, everything was PERFECTLY normal. And then yesterday while I was surfing the web my computer turned itself off and then instantly turned back on. I didnt really think much of it, maybe someone bumped the power strip or something. It booted back up normally and I logged back on. As soon as I try to open up a browser it turned itself back off again, and then back on. At this point im starting to get a little worried. I let it boot itself back up and then I shut it down and gave it 10 mins, powered her back up and this time after the POST beep it turned itself back off again. The next time it booted it up, it didn't even make it to POST. Eventually it would turn on and stay on, but there would be no signal going to the monitor. And when i tried to turn it off with the power button it wouldnt turn off. Even if I held it down for an extended amount of time (30-60 seconds) it wouldn't turn off. Eventually it stopped turning on all together.

A few friends and I thought that maybe it was the psu failing until it just eventually died all together. I've got a new psu on the way, should be here in an hour or two. But just incase it isnt the psu I'd like to hear some suggestions.

BTW im new to these forums, but I usually always come here if I have a problem and need some quick advice, but I didnt really see anything that met my specific problem.

Note: All components are brand new, give or take 2 weeks old from tigerdirect. In the 2 weeks they have been operational it worked perfectly fine. The process I described of my computer was in the time span of about 45 minutes until it finally just stopped turning on all together.

intel i5 2500k
msi z68A-G45 (b3)
8 gb patriot ddr3 1600 mhz
zotac geforce gtx 550ti
Ultra pro LSP 750w atx power supply
WD 1 terabyte HDD


Sep 25, 2011
sounds to me like an overheat and a failing of post due to a cpu coolling issue. Ive seen some motherboards not even start if it doesn't detect a 'CPU Fan'. But the PSU couldve been the issue as well.

if its turning off, then back on by itself, it is a power issue, and possibly motherboard issue but less likely. if it shutdown from overheating, it wouldn't come back on strait away by itself and he said it doesnt come on at all now.