[SOLVED] PC randomly restarting ?

May 18, 2022
Celeron G3900
Gigabyte H110M-E
8gb DDR4 2400mhz RAM
Corsair CV450
120gb SSD & 500gb HDD

Hello all, would like to start off this post by mentioning that I am not a gamer, PC is mainly for school use. Although I do play some low-spec games now and then. I bought this PC as a prebuilt a while back, and it had a generic PSU. After a few months of usage, the PC started to restart randomly, becoming more frequent to the point that I paid the guy I bought it from to replace the PSU. At the time, I was not all that knowledgeable regarding power supplies and did not realize that the one he replaced it with was also a generic one. Fast forward 5 months and the same random restarting came back.

I was fed up at this point and decided to buy a semi-decent PSU(Corsair CV450) along with a new case. With the help of youtube, I was able to transfer the motherboard and install the new PSU by myself. For 3 weeks it worked great, but now the restarting thing is back again. At this point, I'm pretty stumped at what to do. I need the PC for school, but at this point, I fear if I just buy another PSU the same thing will happen in a few weeks or months. (I am also wary of the cost).

I already checked temps, and under load it reached around 61C max.
If you have two sticks of 4gb ram, try pulling one and use pc to see if it restarts. If it does, then pull the next ram and replace with the other stick and repeat. This will rule out memory problem.