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Feb 9, 2022

I purchased the Starter Plus PC from NZXT BLD and it arrived about 5 days ago. All has been going well, but I noticed that occasionally it will randomly restart. The odd thing about it is that the RGB inside the case never powers off and the fans never power off either. After the restart, I normally have to unplug and replug my input devices (i.e. Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam) as they are not detected upon restart.
I haven't noticed any unplugged cables or anything but I'd really appreciate any help.
I'm also on Windows 10 Home

RTX 3060 OC 12GB
Intel 600P 512gb NVMe SSD
2x8gb TFORCE 3200mhz RAM


Feb 17, 2021
personally im not sure, could be some kind of manufacturing defect. might be worth RMAing. someone else might post a good solution though. the USB part is strange though

Joe Doe

Jan 18, 2017
Not sure how comfortable you are with troubleshooting, but I would definitely return under warranty.

First I would make sure you disable the “automatically restart” feature in windows. Then as it fails, write down the error code so that you’ll know what’s causing it.

If you were to troubleshoot / fix yourself, it could be a very large number of things, but the most common culprits for a random restart issue is a faulty power supply (swap with another and see if restarts continue), a graphics card issue (remove card and use onboard video and see if restarts continue), etc.
Feb 9, 2022

I made a post a couple of days asking for help about this same issue but I wanted to ask again as I now have videos of what occurs.
I recently bought the Starter Plus from NZXT BLD and all was going well for a few days before I began to play Dying Light 2. The system would randomly crash and reboot seemingly out of nowhere.
Most of the time before it restarted, my screen would tear or a multitude of pixels on my screen would turn pink, green, or red. (I will attach a video of this)
Sometimes after the restart, it will not display an image an image and I am forced to power off the system before turning it back on.
Other times, It will restart, but my 3060 will not be detected and my resolution will be set at 640x480 for some reason. I normally just restart my PC and it fixes this
I'm not sure if the problem is my power supply not providing enough wattage or headroom for my 3060 when playing demanding titles, or if my 3060 is the problem

2x8gb TFORCE 3200mhz
500gb NVMe ssd
EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze

Any help is greatly appreciated, I also am comfortable troubleshooting my system on my own as I don't necessarily really want to go through the RMA process if it's something I can fix.

I have also gotten multiple DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED while trying to play Battlefield 2042 and even Battlefield 4.
I've reinstalled driver 511.65 multiple times even doing a clean installation so as to remove old drivers but I still receive that error.
A temporary fix has been to enable debug mode in my NVIDIA control panel which just reduced my GPU core clocks to factory default and this allowed me to play 2042 without any crashes whatsoever which leads me to believe that it just may be drawing more power than my PSU can handle

I attempted to play DL2 right now in debug mode and it crashed like expected but this time it sent me to the 640x480 I mentioned earlier. I went into device manager and it said "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43)"
Not sure what this means
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