Question PC randomly restarts ?

Feb 26, 2022
I have a a pc I put together myself and I've had it for years while updating parts. Currently its a b550am Motherboard, Corsair 850 watt 80 + gold certified, Crucial Ballistix Max 4400 MHz DDR4 Ram, Nvidia Founder Edition 3070 ti, 2 SSD's and a m.2, AMD Ryzen 9 5900x, in cyberpower pc case.

Half a year ago my pc would randomly restart while playing games upwards of 7-10 times a week then after i factory reset my pc, upgraded my PSU, and cleaned it out it stopped. Yesterday and today its reset 3 times I've cleaned my pc and taken out and reset all my parts and its still restarting randomly.

The pc lights don't turn off when it restarts it just randomly reboots and immediately goes back to the windows login page, I've done all the steps to have windows stop resetting my pc and it still persists, does anyone have any clue why this could be occuring?
May 2, 2022
Check eventviewer for the error, also see what the crash dump has to say, the default location of the dump file is %SystemRoot%memory.dmp i.e C:\Windows\memory.dmp
you will need to debug it, for Windows BSODs you may use BlueScreenView.