Question PC randomly shuts down/restarts, EDC high % on CPU?

Feb 4, 2020
Hello! My friend's PC sometimes randomly shuts down or restarts when she's doing anything more "heavy" like playing a game or installing something. There's no blue screen of death with an error message, the screen just goes black then either restarts or stays that way.

I tried to find a solution on Google and saw that the problem might be the CPU. I checked how the CPU (Ryzen 5 2600x) was performing using Ryzen Master and the EDC is almost constantly at above 90%, mostly around 98-99. I followed some guides on Google and changed the power plan to Microsoft's own "Balanced" instead of AMD's "Ryzen Balanced", also changed the minimun processor state from 100% to 20%. However, the EDC still at above 90% at almost all times.

I don't even know if the CPU's EDC is the cause of the shut downs or if it's something else. If anyone has any suggestions please throw them at me. 😓

PC specs:


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

The PSU that's in your friend's build shouldn't actually be considered a PSU at all. It's badly built, regardless of how much power the entire system will need.

To note, what OS are you working with and what version of the OS are you on(if Windows 10)? Are you on the latest BIOS update for that motherboard? Use Task Manager's resource monitor to see what the disk usage is during this issue. If anything is flagged as using 100%.
I agree with Lutfij.

Random re-starts like that normally mean your PSU is dying. That particular model isn't great at all.

I'd be looking at a decent EVGA G3, Seasonic Focus Plus Gold, or Corsair Rmx/Rmi/TXM 650w, would all be good as a replacement.