Question PC randomly shuts down, restarts or goes to sleep, also fps drops.

Dec 5, 2019
I had a pc. its spec was
gtx 750 ti
i5 6400
8gb ram corsair vengeance lpx 2400
Asus b150m pro gaming mb
450 watt power supply(this came with the casing)
1 tb wd hdd

I usually play fortnite, apex legends and sometimes singleplayer games, my pc used to run these games fine but it randomly shut down, restarted or went to sleep. it was completely random.i can play for 4 hours but nothing happened and somtimes it happened within 30 minutes of gaming. I searched the internet a lot, used many fixes but nothing worked. I thought my power supply was the problem.

Recently I bought new parts apart from the hdd and ram stick. I built a new pc, now its spec is
gtx 1660 ti zotac
i5 9400f
Asus tuf h130m plus gaming mb
cooler master 550 watt power supply
it played really fine, i played shadow of the tomb rider with it and it worked really well.but the next day the problem again happened. it randomly shutdown. sometime later playing fortnite it randomly went to sleep mode. i was so angry.The next day i bought a transcend 240gb ssd. people form the computer store installed it and installed windows 10 for me.the hdd was unplugged. downloaded fortnite and yet this time it went to sleep mode. the next day randomly it randomly restarted.all this problem happens extremely randomly. it also happened while i was browsing internet. today i was playing ac odyssey and yet again while i was just walking the screen turned black but didnt shutdown. i waited and it came up again but odyssey was still on but it seemed like a restart.Also my old pc and my new pc has a same another problem , its also random, my games are usually 60 fps but ramdomly it hitches. my fps go to 1 for 1 second but after works fine. i had this issue on the old pc , its also happens on the new pc but but way less. its like a 'LESS THAN 1 SECOND' freeze.
my gpu temp is 70 C and mt cpu temp is 50 C.My drivers are also up to date.

so the only thing left for me is to change the ram. ITS the "corsair vengeance lpx 8gb 2400 ddr4". I never thought my ram can be the problem.
i really need your help. At the moment my pc is good and performs well but this fps hitching and random shut down/restart/sleep is killing my mental health.
Any help is appreciated and sorry for bad English.
Apr 29, 2019
i have the same issue but not really similiar to yours

i don't face fps drops issues

it just restarts randomly

sometimes i can play games all day as well as for 10-15 days without any issue

but it suddenly restarts the whole pc

in your case

it's Your psu problem

you should change it Asap