Question Pc randomly started stuttering and major fps drops

Jul 23, 2021
As the title states randomly this week my games have started to stutter and have major fps drops every few seconds (Modern warfare the only one unaffected). I have re installed drivers gone back to old ones and made sure every driver was updated multiple times. I am not sure why this just randomly started happening but I've been trying to fix it for 6 hours with no results. I've gone through so many threads and nothing has worked. I have also looked at temps and everything to double check but notice nothing.
(Gameplay of problem after turning graphics to lowest to show it doesn't matter, also used to get 50+ fps in this game but no longer since this problem occurred)
Power plan: Ultimate Performance
Game Mode: On/off makes no difference
Game DVR: off
Game Bar: Off
System Specs:
Ryzen 5 2600 3.4
EVGA 1650 Super XC Ultra Gaming
Corsair 16gb 3000mhz ram
AS Rock Steel Legend MBO
ThermalTake 500w 80+ White PSU
125gb OS Ssd
500gb Samsung ssd
1tb external hd
Two monitors:
One Acer 144hz monitor 1920:1080
Dell 60hz 1920:1080HD