Question Pc randomly waking up at night

Apr 15, 2019
It started when I had my dell optioned 960 minitower I liked to save my stuff before goin to bed so I would put it into hibernation instead of shut down then it randomly started to wake up about of hibernation in the middle of the night like someone had turned it on I just ignored it and shut it down from that point then I got my new pc witch is r72700x 1070 16gb ram
And I put my pc in Hibernation one night once again to save my stuff and it turned on in the middle of the night to the lock screen I tried putting it into sleep mode and sometimes it still turns on in the middle of the night I’m starting to thing it’s paranormal stuff going on but idk what’s happening plz help and thank you


Look into Wake on LAN.

What you may wish to do is disable Wake on LAN but the first requirement is to determine what is waking up your Dell.

A backup, an AV scan, an update, some other network device wishing to access a share....

You mentioned "save my stuff". Yes - in order to save (aka backup) your computer will need to come out of hibernation. Especially for off hours activities "in the middle of the night".

Note: Look in the Reliability History/Manager and Event Viewer logs. Either log may reveal what is bringing the computer out of hibernation. Entries that are date and time stamped during night time hours may provide a direct answer to what is starting up the Dell.


Disable hibernation. Windows is a multi-platform OS. That includes usage on laptops. Hibernation is a laptop specific low power state that's not doing you any good. If you look in power settings, you'll see all the battery conservation stuff. Just setting the pc to sleep is plenty.

Half the issue is due to hibernation, the pc is waking up due to windows updating the store and other regular background tasks. You can also have tasks set to automatically update Antivirus or other stuff at set times, midnight on Friday is quite common.