Question PC rebooting and entering power saving mode when launching intensive games/3d softwares


Jul 26, 2022
Hey, my pc has been having a certain issue for about a year, what's unusual about it is that it appears irregularly. Whenever you launch an intensive game/software(Unreal Engine 5), the screen will go black, an "Entering Power Save Mode." message will appear afterwards and the pc will reboot itself, sometimes though, after the first reboot it would do 3 more reboots and refuse to start and enter a reboot loop, in which case I'd reset the PSU and then it'd boot normally.

PC specs:
GPU: msi gtx 1650 4GT LP OC

CPU: i7 4770 3.40 ghz

Motherboard: Intel DB85FL Desktop Motherboard

PSU: Fortron FSP700-50ARN 88+ 700w

RAM: 16gb ddr3 1333mhz

HDD: Toshiba DT01ACA050 500GB SATA Hard Drive

SSD: Intenso SSD SATA III 500gb

The pc used to be an office computer and it's around 9 years old (except the gpu and the 500gb ssd which are new).

Last month I changed the gpu from a palit gtx 760 2gb to an msi gtx 1650 4gb lp oc and the issues disappeared until they resurfaced again today.
I decided to launch a game using furmark's gpu-z on top for monitoring, the pc would reboot after a spike in power consumption.

My question is whether the problem is in the motherboard or the power supply, I've read that once power supplies get very old they tend to cause issues. I've included a gif as an example and a screenshot. The pc also doesn't have any overheating issues.

I brought the pc to a repair store multiple times and they couldn't find the cause, they only told me to change the gpu which as I mentioned appeared to have fixed the issues only for them to reappear recently.
I also checked the Event Viewer and it shows Event ID 1101("Audit events have been dropped by the transport. 0") and 6008("The previous system shutdown at 5:32:40 PM on ‎7/‎26/‎2022 was unexpected.") right after it.
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