Question Pc reboots, but in a weird way (no overheating)

Jul 25, 2021
So this only happens when i play valorant which isn't really a demanding game. During deathmatch, which is what I mostly play, i'd have like a chrome tab playing music in the background and then I'd just play the game like normal. But recently my pc would reboot, only like once everytime I play. The way it reboots is that the screen goes black but my audio continues to play like normal for like just 2 seconds and then the pc reboots. I originally thought that my cpu was the cause of it but now I'm starting to think it's my gpu, I have a asus strix rtx 3090 which runs at it's normal settings and I have a intel core i7-9700kf, I don't have a spare gpu to try and see if it's my cpu that's the cause of it, but it just doesn't make sense since valorant is more cpu intensive and when I play games that take more control of the gpu it's totally fine. I even stress tested it before too. I also thought that my psu may be overheating so I tried to give more airflow to my psu, I have a corsair rm850x, which is like 100w more then the recommended power for the rtx 3090.