Question PC Reboots during certain games. Sometimes repeatable but not always.

Mar 11, 2023

I've recently posted this on two reddits and didn't get much of a response so I figured I'd try here. Theres a lot of info so I'm going to copy paste the threads. I apologize for the big post but I'd rather be as in-depth as possible.

I apologize in advance if my formatting is a little funky and it gets a bit longwinded. However this problem is confounding and astounding. I'm also not super technical, but I think I do a decent job at troubleshooting. I'll explain what exactly is going on (gonna be a text dump it varies a bit), what I've done thus far, and finally give my hardware specs and thoughts.

Certain games will cause my rig to do a full restart (no blue screen). The caveat is its usually lower end games (until today but I'll get into that). The restart is often repeatable but unique for each game (most recurring display related) is. For example, Valheim would run cause the restart when changing the display resolution to my native resolution. I was able to get it to not restart but going from windowed to borderless. I could play the game for around 40 minutes or so and then it would restart. SD Gundam Battle Alliance would work perfectly, not settings would cause a restart. However, whenever it hit a certain part in a cut-scene in like Chapter 3, the rig would restart. Both those instances were several months ago, it had happened before randomly with FF14 but I think that was due to using the poorly design GShade, though also related to display stuff I suppose.

Most recently it's happened to me in Destiny 2, setting the render scale to 200 used to cause the crash. Ran NVIDA control panel in debug mode, game ran fine until I talked to an NPC and reset. Got back into the game, not in debug mode, render scale still at 200 and it ran perfectly. The Resident Evil 4 demo that came out today also caused it, again with the render scale. However, I tried another monitor, slightly lower resolution, changed the settings to put it under a heavy load and it worked until I alt tabbed. Went back to my old display with the same settings I used, but now a resolution higher and the game worked fine, could alt tab out as well. Haven't bee able to recreate the reset there.
Generally, more demanding and power sucking games have no issues. For example 2077 runs will even though it's getting pressed.

Eventviewer shows this pretty consistently:

However; I am not running any VM when it happens (I do have RetroArch installed [it doesn't run while crashes happen] and I've read emulation is a kind of VM but I could be wrong). Powershell can't find any connected VMs either. So I'm really not sure whats going on there.

So far I've done;
Disabled fast boot
Turned off Automatic reset
Monitored temps and voltage while general gaming/trying to recreate the restarts [Nothing alarming, just GPU Utilization could be slightly better iirc]
sfc scan
Updated BIOS
Memory Test
CPU [Prime95] and GPU [Various ones in Kombuster with MSI and 3D Mark] Loadtests (no restarts didn't save my results unfortunately but I was slightly above the average bench for my hardware)
Checked if XMP was enabled (it is)
Virus scanned with multipe scanners (came back clean)
Checked taskmanger for suspect .exes (none found)
Checked Process Inspector to see if anything was running unusually high to indicate if malware got hooked into it (nothing found)
Reseat RAM
Reseat GPU
Plugged Rig into a UPS that was kicking around
Uninstalled drivers with DDU
Reinstalled drivers with NVC Install
Essentially everything people suggest to do when your computer randomly restarts as well sans an entirely new installation of Windows. Might be forgetting something because it's a bit late, but I'll edit the post if a suggestion gets tried/has been done.
Finally, my hardware;
Screenshots taken while just having Firefox open





Running two SSDs and an external harddrive

PSU is 600w (only bronze rated iirc but voltage has been fine from when I was monitoring. I don't remember the brand but if you all think its worth knowing I'll pop the tower open in the morning.[ It's a coolmaster] )
Display I usually use is a simple 1080pHDTV (I know working on getting an actual monitor soon) and the other display I used for testing was an old 1440x900 monitor.
As insane as it sounds I think it has something to do with the display, how and why I have no clue. As far as I know there isn't really a way for it to cause this issue but it's almost always related to the display. Only other link is the games are from some store front (Steam/Xbox). Any help would be appreciated if I'm forgetting something or if theres any other info I can add I'll edit it in to the main thread when it comes up.

Other reddit post:

While I don't actually get a visual bluescreen, I'm using said flair because computer just shuts off and reboots. I've been having this problem on and off for awhile now, I posted about it in r/pcgamingtechsupport but have gotten some new information and rather than make another post to get some traction I figure I'd try another subreddit. I'll link the original post for the very long run down
Today I ran the MEMORY.DMP through WinDBG and BlueScreenView (I have already been informed this program is trash I won't use it in the future) and both seem to indicate that this is the issue

However, I have already done a complete uninstall with DDU and reinstall with NVCInstall. Not sure what else I can do besides just forgoing NVCInstall and installing the driver manually. I'd rather not have Ge-force experience and all that comes with it, but obviously this ongoing issue is unacceptable.
Any help would be appreciated!
Full WinDBG Analysis:

One person suggested it could be a faulty GPU, and while I'm sure that's possible wouldn't I get artifacting and other visual glitches? Why would sometimes a program won't work and either via fiddling or simply doing something else first it works perfectly? I've kind of given up hope of finding a solution so I'm getting prepared to just wait it out until I can afford to take it in somewhere they can swap out parts and test that way, but if theres any chance someone can help I feel like I have to try.

Thanks in advance for your help, and I'm sorry again for the massive post.
Mar 11, 2023
Replacing it isn't really an option right now unfortunately.

When I'm able to I will. GPU can be RMA'd so that's about the only piece of hardware I can really replace right now.