Question PC reboots during driver installation

Aug 21, 2020
I have an msi gtx970. It starts up with the pc, fans spin, led lights are on, and there's video output. I'm able to log into windows10. Everything looks fine until I try to install the drivers. When I launch the installation program it starts, but then halfway through the installation the pc crashes and reboots. I've tried to install the drivers both using nvidia installer and manually; same result. From this point, windows never logins again until I completely remove the partially installed drivers (using device manager). I can get to the bootup screen with the blue windows logo and the loading spinner, but here it crashes all the time. I've tried with both newest and older drivers: same result. I can boot up in safe mode just fine, and I can remove the drivers from there. I can even install the drivers just fine in safe mode, the installation goes to the end, but when I reboot it's the same issue. I get a BSOD with a couple of errors, either "video scheduler internal error" or "video tdr failure".
I've then tried with windows8. Unlike windows10, I can install the drivers just fine in normal mode (no need to enter safe mode) but I can see some artifacts, like confetti on one side of the screen only when using certain applications (more or less similar to this picture). And every few seconds windows8 shows me a notification "gpu kernel has crashed but has recovered automatically" or something like that.
What is going on? Can I do something or is it time for my gpu to look at the gates of the scrapyard?