Question PC reboots indenifinitely after overclocking RAM

Sep 12, 2019
Ok long story short, I accidentally picked the wrong overclocked speed for my ram and (I've done this before but had no issues until now) my pc usually boot and show bios but then restart. I was hoping it would do the same but then pc frozed at the bios screen so i restarted the pc then i turned it back on and keeps restarting itself every 10 secs or so. Display is black screen and doesn't reach the bios screen at all. Fans are spinning.

What i have tried so far:
-Used jumpers to reset bios to default
-Cleared cmos and also took the battery out and put it back in.
-took ram out and tried to power on pc to see if there is any beep, none.
-took out gpu to see if there is any beep, none.

I think i killed my mobo because, usually my rgb keyboard and mouse would light up when i boot my pc but it didn't and i tried all the usb portson the mobo. What im worried is that it damaged my other component as well. Any idea, ram or mobo, which is causing the issue? If need more testing, please tell me what i need to keep doing. Thanks for the help!